Current Project - Corset

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm working on developing some ideas for a corset design. The assignment is to design a corset inspired by Marie Antionette and 18th century France. Here are some quick Illustrator variations.

I'm working off the idea of the French Revolution. The Palace of Versailles was ripped apart by the French people in October 0f 1789. The famous hall of mirrors was left utterly shattered. For the past few months I've been collecting what I call "city glass." It's really broken glass from cars windows, etc, but I love it. I'm going to encrust the corset with city glass and colored pearls to represent both the destruction of the Palace of Versailles and the decadence which was the impetus for the outrage of the French people.

I know the designs are all so similar, but do you have a favorite?


  1. What a cool concept! Ironic, brilliant, and beautiful :D.

    I like the second one from the left and the third one from the right. The simplicity and assymetry makes them look more "french high culture / avant-garde" and less "french maid" than some of the others.

  2. I'm with Sean - I like the 2nd from the left. I think the halter style keeps it from being too 'sweet.' However, the 'city glass' will probably look quite different in real life, so if you need to add back some sweetness, then you might go for the two bows on the shoulders to get the right decadence/destruction balance. Beautiful designs!


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