Outfits of School

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Day 31
Bag lady alert!
I sported many layers to my Paris class and Metals. I'm convinced this helped me kick the sickies. I wore a simple tee underneath a Gap sweater blazer, under my chic but cheap costco raincoat. I carried both my backpack and Crate&Barrel bag, because, let's face it, two bags are better than one.

Day 32
I'll admit it, I totally did this on purpose.

I wore a Make Believe tank with an H&M blazer, some winter leggings and...

I'm proud.

Outfits of School

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Day 15
Went to my Paris course and Metals class. Probably wore jeans and a sweater, don't remember. Look at all this laundry!

Day 16
My friend Daizy took these pictures of my after I went to my Degree Project and Poetry class. I wore a green argyle sweater and a pair of Gap jeans with my black keds.

These pictures are for a project Daizy was working on centering around peoples' homes and their collections.

Day 17
Sported my fave tank and cargo skinnies to Creative. Started work on my first look for my collection. I'll post those pics in a bit.

Day 18

I wore my j brands and a wool sweater with hearts on the elbows to Metals. Took this photo in the bathroom on my break.

Day 19
I spilled a chai on my new Dead&Alive shirt while on a break from Degree Project. Kind of made it look like Kristen Stewart was sneezing on her middle finger. I had a meeting with my adviser and she said that Kristen was making "quite a statement" on my shirt. Whoops.

Day 20

It was Wear Purple Day so I threw on this eggplant skirt from UO with a new pair of over-the-knee boots from Aldo.

Day 21
Check out this nasty bruise I got on my birthday!
I wore this don't don't don't shirt from Vague Clothing with my MK jeans and a sweater from the gap to my Metals class.
I thought I was still hungover from birthday partying, but this marks the day I got mono. So fun.

Day 22

Had my crit for my first design on Creative in this outfit. Gap jeans, keds, UO ikat top, and a heather grey blazer from Target. You can also see my Costco raincoat and Crate&Barrel bag (thanks, Mom!) in the corner.

Day 23
I wore sweatpants to class. Don't look.

Day 24
See above.

Day 25

Wore some Gap jeans, keds and a grey cable knit sweater to Creative.

Day 26
Still sick. Went to Paris and Metals in jeans and a sweater. It's like a uniform. Having mono is cute.

Day 27
Here's my other uniform: over-the-knee boots and dresses. Two days in a row. I have sinned.

Day 28
OMGzz! Another dress with boots!

Day 29
Oh? Those boots again? No problem. I'll wear a skirt with them! Also, lookie at this cute scarf my mom gave me for my birthday!

Day 30
Had my critique for my second look in this little getup. J brands, orange silk tunic, oxfords, grey cardi, backpack.


Outfits of School

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Day 9
I wore this wrap sweater to my Jewelry class with a black tank and a pair of jeans. I took this picture in the bathroom at MassArt.

Day 10
I wore this DVF dress to Degree Project and Poetry. It was about 85 degrees outside and this wool dress got to be a bit toasty. I took this picture in one of the studios in the fashion department.

Day 11

I wore this outfit to Creative Fashion and on my flight home. I paired this floral dress from Anthro with a hand-me-down sweater from my sister and my new favorite shoes -- black ponyhair flats from Urban.

Day 12
Don't I look happy to be coming off a red eye? This cozy new sweatshirt blazer kept me warm during my Paris class.

Day 13
I wore this bright silk tunic with a pair of leather leggings and my new ponyhair flats. This bomber sweater and I are getting to be inseparable.

Day 14
I wore this outfit to Creative Fashion. These brown booties came from my sister and I put on a brown belt to be very matchy matchy. This orange sweater is one of my favorite pieces, so I'm really excited that it's getting to be sweater season again. I love it!

Outfits of School

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Day 7

Alice&Olivia came with me to Creative Fashion IV and my last day at STA. I paired the bright coral sweater with a black J Crew pencil skirt and one of my favorite tank tops. I slipped on my new Aldo bronze snakeskin flats and topped the look off with a MJ wishbone necklace.

Outfits of School

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Day 4
I sat in an uncomfortably hot first day of Creative Fashion IV in this outfit. Steve Madden oxfords, Citizens cargo skinny pants, Vague Clothing tank, BCBG bomber sweater, and a Puma golf bag.

Day 5

Back in Jewelry class. We have to wear closed toed shoes, and all cotton, head to toe. Hence the keds, green chinos, and black sweater. I sported a belt I embossed for my Men's wear design. On the back it says "Mighty & Strong." You can google it.

Day 6
I wore this outfit to Degree Project this morning. Yellow skirt from F21, grey Dolce Vita top that my sister got my mistake in the mail, Seychelles open toed booties. And I carried that damn Puma bag full on portfolios. So heavy in my arms.

I'm like......... see ya.

Outfits of School - Day 3

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I wore this outfit to my first day of Degree Project and Poetry Workshop. Accordingly, I tried to look poetic.
I wore my usual Gap jeans, but I paired it with a puff-sleeve patterned blouse and a short sleeve sweater layered on top. The necklace I'm wearing has a squirrel on it.

I regret to inform you that this is the last time I will wear my black Madden flats. The left one has a hole that goes all the way through. I could feel the pavement with my big toe.

(MJ watch, moonstone ring, and Innue bag, as per normal.)

Outfits of School

Monday, September 13, 2010
Here we go again...

Day 1 - Senior Oritentation

I know, I know. "Senior orientation" is probably the biggest oxymoron ever. But that's no excuse not to look your best! Accordingly, I wore a Dolce&Gabbana skirt that I got on supersale at STA. I paired the skirt with a labelfree while lace top over an American Apparel tube onezie. I finished the look off with some Aldo nude and copper snake skin flats, and my innue bag. And, let's not forget my gold old MJ watch and moonstone ring!

Day 2 - First official day of class

Senior year has begun! I had my Antwerp/Paris (and now possibly, Amsterdam) travel course and my metals class today.
I knew I was going to get a bit mussed in my afternoon jewelry class, so I wore a pair of black keds, my new (and now favorite) Citizen's skinny cargos, a TMD vneck -- note the t-shirt knot, very important -- and an BCBG bomber sweater that I got at STA. You know the story on the accessories at this point.

Look what I made in class! (By hand... I'm a bit proud.)

Also, I cleaned out my closet last week. Here's what a quarter of it looks like:

Outfits of Summer - Trip to California Special

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Watch as this post becomes more and more food-oriented.

August 10
Mom makes fajitas.

Out hiking: New balance crosstrainers, adidas shorts, awkward sweatshirt, and Engrish tee.

August 11
Huntington Beach: Best burrito ever.
Brett and I at the Joan Jett concert: Gap forever skinny jeans, and Runaways tee.

August 12
Amazing taco made by Brett's mother.

Brett and I taking pictures in the mirror: Striped gap dress... and UO sandals. (see below)

August 13
Loquat crumble.

August 14
Cheeseburger from Zotts.

Epic salad.



August 15
BLT and Udon noodles.

August 16
Bento box in Half Moon Bay.

Wild salmon, caprese salad (with basil from the garden), and pasta with homemade sauce.

August 17
Oysters from the Cliff House

August 18
So much goodness... followed by...

Red velvet cake!

See why I love California so much?
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