Waking Up in Vegas

Thursday, April 5, 2012
Sometime between pulling out of Arches National Park, and waking up at 6 am to a neon orange morning tent glow, we made the decision to cut the crap and just head to Vegas.

This posed a major problem for me, as I had not planned an outfit for this city. If I had known, just imagine the amount of sequins I would have adorned my body with! There could have been so many sparkles...

Not to be outfoxed by Alex's plan to haul me into Sin City sans suitable sartorial supplies, I reached into my trusty ziploc bag of 'extras' and pulled out a onezie of epic (or floor length) proportions.

After I was properly attired, Alex took me on an all-out walking tour of every possible anything that one should ever see while on the strip.
Good thing I decided to wear wedges...

Hiking in Heels

Finally, the final installation of the photos from our road trip.

Alex and I pulled into Moab, Utah just before sunset and made a bee-line for Arches National Park before we missed the fantastic views it offered.

I hopped out of the car in a pair of Frye nude platform sandals and a copper colored dress, hoping that I'd blend in with my surroundings.

I may have matched the red rock formations, but I didn't exactly get the memo about the hiking boots avec nalgene dress code they seemed to be enforcing there. Weird.

As the sun went down, we took the chance to wander around the park and soak up the incredible natural monuments there. It became very dark very quickly, so we escorted ourselves out and off to our campsite where we fell asleep to the sound of the creek flowing by...
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