Honeymoon Dreaming: Euro Trip

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As promised in my last honeymoon dreaming post, here's the follow up. Alex and I are still vacillating between many vacation locations, but our latest scheme is to take a trip to Europe and see parts of the world neither of us have ever seen. Maybe fly to Barcelona, drive to the South of France, and take a train into Switzerland? We are road trip people and really enjoy spending time together in the car watching the scenery go by. As such, I thought a versatile, comfortable wardrobe would do best for long drives in the car, and exploring different cultures.

The idea here would be to pack some neutral pieces that can easy mix and match and blend together, while including one statement piece -- this coral red cape blazer -- to add a pop of color and some interest without having to pack around a huge suit case. I am a habitual overpacker, so the idea of packing a small carry on full of neutrals is both appealing and daunting.

What say you? Any Euro packing tips? Cities we just can't miss??

Orange You Glad...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When: Thursday, May  23rd, 2014

Where: Home Studio

Sometimes I like to put on the weirdest outfit imaginable and embarrass Alex while I make him take pictures of me when we're out walking the dog. This is one of those times.

I bought this dress almost a year ago when Urban Outfitters Surplus opened. With a price tag of $10 marked down from $150, I had to get it even if I wasn't so sure it was my style. I couldn't figure out how to wear it for the longest time! With the wide armhole opening and short hemline, it's the kind of garment that requires other articles of clothing to make it work. I finally decided on a monochrome look by pairing other pink and orange toned pieces with it. When I came out of my studio dressed in this outfit, Alex exclaimed, "Look at you, you little peach!" I really should start writing down more of the funny things Alex says about my outfits. They are too silly.

Since I was already on my orange roll, I decided to add on the fun fake glasses I picked up at Anthropologie right before I started my year without shopping. I think they add just the right amount of geek chic appeal. I felt like dressing up as a different person for a day, which was really fun.

Join me today as I link up with other bloggers sporting their BOLD outfits!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Where: Home Studio and the Park

Yesterday, when Alex got back from the office, we decided to take a walk in our local park before the sun went down. He recently bought a new Panasonic Gh4 and has been testing it out between gigs in order to really get a good 4k sample going. As we were walking around, he started pointing the camera in my direction, to which my response was, "ooooh.... outfit photos please?"

Usually when we take pictures for the blog, I meticulously plan an outfit, think up exactly what I'll say to go with the photos, and I actually bother to put on makeup. I guess this is the most honest look at what I really wear when I'm working at home and running errands. I've worn this dress countless times since I first bought and posted about it when we went on our MiniMoon. It's super soft and comfortable, and it was just the right weight when the wear turned from hundred degree temps to misty and overcast.

I recently bought this jacket on sale at Anthropologie when they were offering 20% off already marked down items -- my favorite time to shop at Anthro! I couldn't not buy something given the circumstances, and I'm so glad I talked myself into this lightweight jacket, because it's perfect for LA and much more interesting than the denim one I usually wear. So that's the story with this outfit... Sweet and simple and totally honest.

Cynthia Rowley Dress via TJ Maxx | Similar 
Anthropologie Jacket | On SUPER Sale! 
Gap Flats | Similar 

Pretty Pink Pout

Monday, May 19, 2014

When: Monday, May 19th, 2014

Where: Home Studio

I haven't posted in a couple days because it's been so flippin' hot here in LA, and I mostly have been rocking the wet-hair-in-a-bun look while sewing sweating in my studio, which, by the way, doesn't have AC at the moment. Temperatures finally dropped from the 100s today and I had a chance to wear some pieces I picked up at the Anthro mother's day sale last week!

I usually bee-line straight for the sale section when I shop at Anthro, because, let's face it, with a artist's income, I don't have $$$ to throw at the latest boho-quirky-chic trends. Since they were offering a discount on full price purchases, I got to take in the full-price glory of the entire store while enjoying a cup of yummy sweet tea. I found this polka dotted flouncy tee, and I just couldn't say no... Especially with the discount and the remainder of a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket. 

I also picked up this stretchy rik-rak-y skirt on deep discount... Seriously, how could I resist? I finished off my outfit with a pair of ugly-cute sandals I grabbed at TJ Maxx when my poor feet couldn't take the heat last week. This sweet pink enamel locket was a gift from my mom when we visited the SFMOMA members sale when I was in town last month. I guess it's safe to say that this whole outfit was a bargain!

I also want to thank everyone who read last week's post about finding meaning in the fashion industry. The whole message of that post was about how I love connecting with people... and it connected me even more to those around me. Gotta love that!

Look Good, Feel Good

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When: Thrusday, May 8th, 2014

Where: Expect Home Office

I first decided that I wanted a career in fashion when I was a sophomore in high school. That's when I started cutting Goodwill curtains on the floor of the living room, sewing on the coffee table, and throwing backyard and quad fashion shows. I felt really lucky that I knew what my path would be, especially when I saw my friends struggle to figure out what colleges to apply to, what majors to eventually pick. But with my career mapped out ahead of me, I soon became overwhelmed with a sense of guilt that I was dedicating my life to an industry that mars the wellness of women by asserting unrealistic standards of beauty upon them. I worried that I would be considered vapid and vain for choosing to become part of a world that solely focuses on the appearance of things. I felt ashamed that I wanted to be a part of a system that gives so little a contribution to bettering humankind.

Since the day that I decided to make fashion my lifestyle, I have been searching for a way to instill meaning in it.

One part of my job that I draw great enjoyment and personal solace from is connecting to other women. Little did I know when I decided to focus my thesis on maternity wear, one day, having a business focused on motherhood and children, that I would connect with so many families and become a small part of their life story.

A phrase I constantly repeat to myself is, 'look good, feel good.' I've always clung to this colloquialism as a way to encourage myself to make clothing that makes women feel great about themselves. Especially during the beautiful, but sensitive, period of pregnancy, when a woman's body is undergoing constant change, it is important for her to feel comfortable, not only in her clothing, but in her body as well. As much as we all hate to admit it, the way we look in the mirror does affect the way we feel about ourselves. If I can make a woman look in the mirror at her new baby bump and squeal, "I love the way I look!" my job is done. I strive for that moment of glee in everything that I do. Hearing moms and grandmothers whisper, "Look how cute that is!" when they pass my booth at art shows steels my confidence in what I'm doing with my life. I'm making people happy. And that means so much!

Having this fashion blog has also brought me a lot of joy. What might look like a narcissistic webpage filled with images of myself in different outfits, makeup changes, hairstyles, has actually become a really fun way for me to connect with like-minded woman across the world. Getting a 'like' on my instagram photos has become more than ego-feeding gratification... It has become a way for me to join forces with beautiful women everywhere in saying, "Look at me! I LOVE me!!!"

When I put this outfit on last week, it wasn't just because I felt like sharing a new look on my blog. I wore red to show my support to fellow blogger Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery who lost her son suddenly in a tragic accident. Raising #RedBaloonsForRyan by wearing red, brought women together to remember Ryan, honor Jacqui and her husband, and open a conversation about loving each other more openly, appreciating each day, and making waves for children's safety.

Connecting to others through fashion has really enriched my experience in an industry I felt would be cut-throat, lonely, and frowned upon. The community I've found through Coast to Coast, instagram, and blogging has meant everything as I continue in the business of making women "look good, feel good."

Feel Like a Woman

Monday, May 5, 2014

When: Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Where: DVF Exhibit

Last weekend was the final one for the amazing DVF exhibit adjacent to LACMA, and even though I had visited it once, I didn't get a chance to take any blog photos. And since it's basically a requirement that every LA-based fashion blogger report from the patterned floors of the retrospective, when Jessica of Hell or High Fashion asked if I wanted to go, I certainly wasn't going to turn her down!

The exhibit focuses on the evolution -- or lack thereof (sorry!) -- of Diane von Furstenberg's famous wrap dress. Jess and I texted the night before to chat outfit choices. While I could have worn the only DVF wrap in my personal collection, I didn't want to get too literal with the whole look, so I opted for this dress-turned-skirt look I've styled a couple of times.

I paired the funky print with a mint colored peplum top (can you say 'on trend'?!?) that I scored for $3 at Urban Outfitters Surplus. That store is one of those secrets you don't want to share with anyone for fear of it getting picked over, but I also believe that every woman should know that there is a store that is only sale UO stuff. Seriously. The deals are so good, it had gotten to the point that if an item costs over ten bucks, it's too expensive!

To finish off the look, I paired some of my greatest Marshall's/TJ Maxx finds of all time -- a pair of Via Spiga shoes, and my fave pink MARC by Marc Jacobs bag. I got some seriously good deals on those accessories, trust.

 Urban Outiftters Peplum Top // Similar
DVF Numbers Skirt // Similar
MARC by Marc Jacobs Pink Bag // Similar
Via Spiga Platforms // Similar

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