Outfits of Summer: Summer's Revenge - Special Graduation Edition

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
On May Twentieth, Two Thousand and Eleven, at the hour of one, the degree of Bachelor's of Fine Art with a concentration in Fashion Design was conferred upon me by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

And you know I had to look awesome for that!

Hat: Jostens, customized by yours truly.
In honor of all that is trendy, I decided to cut that hideous hat down a notch.

I peeled back the layer of polyester that was Elmer's glued to -- get this -- cardboard, and trimmed the paper product by an inch and a half all the way around. I mitered the edges of the fabric and hand stitched it back in place. I attached the motarboard to a headband rather than returning it to the scull cap it had previously called home inn order to give it the true fascinator look. The results were chic, smart and kept the hat hair everyone else was sporting at bay.

Dress: DVF.
Shoes: Sheychelles
Sweater: Ann Taylor (lord forgive me!)
Bag: Vintage Coach (thanks mom!)

Katie outright refused to wear the gown, while I took a tailored approach. I simply slim the sleeves down, cut the front closure away and eliminated the back pleats. I was just trying to take the ew-factor away.

A proud moment for all.

Nine Media Coverage

Not gonna lie, I totally flipped when I saw my work posted online.
This excitement resulted in incessant squealing and some screen captures you have to check out.

Here are some shots from the Boston Globe.

Not to brag*, but hello! My collection was the first picture in the slideshow!

Also, check out Kim S strutting her stuff on the Stuff Magazine website!

*isn't a blog for bragging?

Voltage 2011: MassArt's Senior Fashion Show

Can't believe the fashion show came and went so fast.

After incubating my collection for nine long and arduous months, my great labor came to an end. And I'm so happy with how it all came out.

(Okay, enough with the puns. Let's look at some pictures.)

Shauna, Kim C, Julia, Kim S, and Autumn backstage before the show.

Shauna, Kim C, Julia, Kim S, and Autumn backstage before the show.

Hitting the Runway.
(Photo Credit: Cynthia Gagnon)

(Photo Credit: Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe)

Julia and I at the end of the show.
(Photo Credit: Julie Chen)

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