Sunday, March 31, 2013
We had so much fun at our Eastover party. Here are a couple snaps from the day.

The blue and green eggs before I hid them all over the house.

The dessert spread. Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chocolate dipped peeps, vanilla cupcakes with lemon blueberry icing, and lots of jelly beans! Note the hidden eggs.

Get it? Challah-ujah? You know, a little Jewish, a little Jesus...

Cute little baby chick.

The spring flowers clipped from the courtyard starting to bloom.

Can you find all four?

Another view of the spread, this time including deviled eggs, bowls for soup, and our new DIY art display.

Our new bar, complete with Mangochewitz dispenser!

Hughie found the afikomen! He gets $2!

The beautiful eggs we dyed.

Day 212 -- Spring Chicken

When: Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Where: Eastover Party!

I had been looking forward to my little Easter/Passover party for the entire month of March and I'm pleased to say that it went off without a hitch! Of course, as thrilled as I was to dye eggs and eat matzo ball soup, I was most excited about dressing up.

I've had this dress since I was in high school. The colors are perfect for a springtime celebration, and because of it's retro style, it will probably never go out of fashion. It's funny to think that I wore this sweater on the most recent holiday, St Patrick's Day. I guess it's just the perfect little coverup for the perfect little dress.

Sweater: Forever 21 | Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Tahari via Marshall's

Day 211 -- Better Basics

Saturday, March 30, 2013

When: Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Where: Errands, studio

Even though I had a friend in town, I still needed to get some work done in my studio, ship off come orders (!!), and prep for my Eastover party! I had kind of a busy day getting work done so I could have more fun later, so I opted for an easy outfit complete with patterned jeans, tank top, and keds.

I know that I'm a "blogger" and all, and I should probably be a bit more concerned with my appearance, especially given that I post an image of myself every day on the internet for all the world to see. Well, maybe this makes me a bad "blogger," but sometimes I just don't care about how I look. Note the wet hair and make-free face in these photos. Maybe this blog would be more successful if I put my hair in curlers every day, or wore heels more often, but that's just not me. I like walking my dog in flats, with a plastic bag sticking out of my pants pocket, and leaving the house without so much as sunscreen on my face.

That's not to say that I don't like getting dressed up now and then, or that just because I'm dressed casually, I don't think I look good. I'm actually quite fond of this outfit. It simple, but interesting. Jessica recently blogged about using basics to make great outfits. This outfit is another example of basics with a twist. This is, after all, just a jeans-and-tank look. But how much more fun is it that the pants are printed, the tank as cool graphics, and eve the comfy shoes are made of velvet? See? Basics can be beautiful. Even if your hair is wet and you're not wearing any makeup.

Sweater: Gap | Tank: Vague Clothing | Jeans: Rich and Skinny via TJ Maxx | Shoes: Keds for Gap

Day 210 -- Funny Bunny

Friday, March 29, 2013
When: Friday, March 29th, 2013

Where: Karisa's house, Kitchen24

This is the only photo we got of my outfit on Friday night. I wore a bodycon long sleeved bunny printed jersey dress with a grey infinity scarf out for late night drinks and eats with a gaggle of friends. Remember those shoes I wore yesterday? You can't tell, but in this photo, I'm wearing the same pair, only in black. Those Dolce Vitas are so cute and comfy. I'm really craving the updated version. Screw the challenge! Let's go shopping!!!*

Dress: H&M | Scarf: Soto, gift from FMIL | Necklace: Kate Spade
Shoes: (not pictured) DV Dolce Vita

* just kidding. Sticking to it.

Day 209 -- Jersey Girl

Thursday, March 28, 2013

When: Thrusday, March 28th, 2013

Where: LAX, The Fat Dog

This is what you wear when one of your besties is coming into town for a visit. I wore this hot red dress to go pick Daizy up at the airport and then to meet Karisa (and co) at The Fat Dog for drinks, etc. 

The jersey knit of this dress is comfortable enough to wear while sitting in traffic and circling the terminals, but still going-out appropriate. This just goes to show that you do not have to wear sweat pants (or even jeans) to be comfortable.

Dress: Gap Outlet | Shoes: DV Dolce Vita | Belt: H&M
Bag: Forever 21 | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Day 208 -- All The Pretty Flowers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When: Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Where: Studio

I feel like a bright sunny Easter egg today! These pastel colors are perfect for the beautiful flowers that are in bloom. I'm really looking forward to this weekend, so I can really get into the pastels during our Eastover party!

 These fun yellow jeans are made for springtime, but I love them most because they elongate my legs. I have a pretty long torso, especially in comparison to my legs, so I think the high rise and full length down to my ankle adds a few inches of visual height. Paired with nude heels, and a shorter top, my shape gains a bit more proportion.

Blouse: Kimchi Blue via Second Time Around | Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Dolce Vita | Earrings: Forever 21 | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Day 207 -- A Sequel

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When: Tuesday, March, 26, 2013

Where: Balboa Park for an Expect. photo shoot.

I know I wore a floral skirt and a striped top yesterday, but when I went to get dressed this morning, this outfit just spoke to me. I didn't realize until I was out and about that I was wearing an essential repeat of yesterday's digs. While my previous outfit looks a bit fall, this breezy get up seems distinctly summery. This perfect weather in LA can really put you in that floaty floral mood.

Sweater: Forever 21 | Dress (worn as a skirt): Principessa Venice | Shoes: Frye via TJ Maxx

Day 206 -- Step Up

Monday, March 25, 2013

When: Monday, March 25th, 2013

Where: Studio... Out for free cake.

I've been feeling like my outfits have just been so boring lately. I'm becoming one of those people who dresses just to cover their body, rather than dressing to express myself and have fun with fashion. I decided to mix it up just the tiniest bit today.

I used to be such an adventurous dresser, especially in high school, and nowadays I feel like I follow trends rather than blazing my own trail. Mixing prints are all over the place right now, and frankly, I don't feel like anyone should be applauded for being "brave enough" to put one print with another. It's not that hard, nor should it be considered a novel concept. That being said, I love this outfit, especially because it clashes. My favorite part is that the shoes and bag basically make no sense with the rest of the look. It's dressed in the dark, but in the best way.

Tee: Gap | Skirt: Just Cavalli via Second Time Around | Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Tahari via Marshall's | Necklace: Italy | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Day 205 -- Theater Girl

Sunday, March 24, 2013

When: Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where: The Pantages Theatre for Catch Me If You Can, The Musical

Even though Alex and I worked in the morning, we called it quits at a normal time in order to get dressed up to go out to the theater! It's hard to believe that two theatre nerds who have been together for over two years, have never seen a live play together! Alex had a friend in the pit band who got us tickets, so of course, we couldn't resist! Now, I'm not in the business of reviewing Broadway shows, so I'll just keep it to fashion here, okay?

I got this dress from Anthro around my birthday with that extra-fun coupon they give you during your birthday month. I love this piece so much, I can't believe I've only worn it once! I guess now that I'm not working in a super fashion forward or formal environment (because I work for myself, by myself), I don't have occasion to wear a retro-inspired, fit and flare, strapless, printed midi dress. It was nice to pull it out for a special occasion like this one! Since this dress has a 1950s feel, I tried to play with and against it, as to not get too costume-y. This little purse is kind of a joke, but so cute! It definitely has that fifties feel, so I kept my other accessories modern.

Dress: Girls of Savoy via Anthropologie | Sweater: Alice and Olivia via Goodwill
Belt: Anthropologie | Shoes: Elizabeth and James via Wasteland | Necklace: Maya Brenner

P.S. Don't you love how Bucket keep poking his head into my pictures? Also, I didn't realize how close this outfit is to the last time I wore this dress!

Day 204 -- Purple Haze

Saturday, March 23, 2013

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Where: Here and there, a day off!

I finally just gave myself a day full off after working for almost three weeks straight. I keep thinking to myself, "If I work super hard and never stop, I'm guaranteed to make it!" The truth is, that if I do that, I'm guaranteed to burn out. After having a couple bummed out, and uninspired days in my studio, I decided to just take a breather, and it was wonderful.

I wore this breezy, comfortable, colorful dress (a birthday gift from a favorite sister), out to breakfast with Alex, and to the dog park, laying around in bed reading and fuddling around on pinterest, and then out to dinner with my dear friend, Jessica. It was amazing to just take a day for myself and relax.

The weather has been wonderfully warm and I saw so glad to break this dress out of my closet and pop some sandals on. Nothing like a little sunshine, sushi, and snuggles to get me back in the creative mode!

Dress: Derek Heart, gift from Maija | Sweater: Seven gate via Ambiance SF | Belt: Self made
Shoes: DV Dolce Vita via Marshall's | Necklace: Maya Brenner | Bag: Vintage Coach

Day 203 -- Spring Has Sprung

Friday, March 22, 2013

When: Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Where: Studio

Ah, spring. Since, you're officially here, I'm going to take this opportunity to wear florals and pinks! While it doesn't quite feel like spring at the moment -- it's actually pretty hot! -- I'm into wearing light layers, shorter hem lines, bare legs, and pastels.

I've worn this dress a couple times before, but I've always tied the sash to the back. This time I switched it up to make it look more like a belt, and it might be subtle, but I think it really changes the silhouette of the dress, and makes my waist look smaller. I love belts because they really define my shape and I think they are so flattering!

Sweater: Staring at Stars via Urban Outfitters | Dress: Reformed via Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshall's | Necklace: Ambiance SF
Sunglasses: Raybans via Rue La La

Day 202 -- Easy Peasy

Thursday, March 21, 2013

When:  Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Where: Studio

More often than not, clocking in a long day in my studio means wearing a simple and easy outfit. This black skirt is my absolute go-to when I need something quick and I want to be comfortable. I've worn and washed it so many times that it's starting to go a bit grey, but I can't part with it (at least not this year).

I layered this interesting organza and heather grey tank over the top, and a string of long pearls completes the look. I'll be the first to admit that this outfit it boring, but if you want to know what works best for me while sitting behind a sewing machine, computer, or cutting table, this is it.

Tank: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Forever 21 | Pearls: Little stand in Italy
Shoes: Deena and Ozzy via Urban Outfitters | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, gift from Alex
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