Day 273 -- Heavy Lifting

Friday, May 31, 2013

When: Friday, May 31st, 2013

Where: Recording Joy Kills Sorrow at The Mint

This was one of those days where a boyish jeans and tank top combo was actually totally necessary. You see, Alex recently decided to hire me to work for him, and part of my job description includes hauling massive amount of heavy gear. Hence, a muscle tee.

For the past few weeks, I've really been struggling with trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, true. But in these slow financial months while I'm starting up, I have often questioned my options. After many sleepless nights, job searches, a stint as a fashion account manager, lots of tears, and some refocusing, Alex and I came up with what would have seemed like the obvious solution. He needs help, and I can give it! I'm so excited to become his partner in this new way and to start learning more about operating cameras, editing video, and working with music!

Tank: Make Believe Clothing Co | Jeans: Rich and Skinny via Marshall's | Shoes: Keds
Necklace: Forever 21 | Watch: MARC by Marc Jacobs

Day 272 -- Ancient Archeology

Thursday, May 30, 2013

When: Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Where: Studio, picking up my wedding shoes, and out with Jess

I don't know why I've neglected this dress for so long! The last time I wore it was in Texas two years ago. With maxi dresses being so hot in the trend world right now, there's no reason why I shouldn't have been wearing this dress every day for the last few months!

It's the print on this silk knit that really makes it so special. The Etruscan colors and swirling, ornate patterns remind me of ancient coins or Greek pottery. It's been a long time since I've seen a print this intricate and unique, and that's a lucky find.

Dress: Nives Lavi via STA | Sweater: Pas Un Ange | Shoes: Aldo

Super Easy Chocolate Mousse

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This chocolate mousse is too easy! It's also rich, creamy, chocolatey, and delicious. I like to do a dark chocolate and a white chocolate at the same time and then layer them for a pretty parfait look and a nice balance of flavor. This recipe contains raw eggs, so it should not be eaten by children, women who are pregnant, or anyone with a compromised immune system.


1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate chops
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla

1. In a food processor, mix together 1 cup of white chocolate chips, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

It should look like this:

2. While you're mixing the chips, egg, and vanilla together. Microwave the 2 cups of heavy whipping cream. You should nuke it for about 2-3 minutes, until bubbly and hot. Watch it, because it can easily bubble over and make a huge mess in your microwave and make you so sad!

3. When the cream is good and hot, slowly pour 1 cup (you're saving the other half for the dark chocolate!), into the food processor as you mix the chip mixture. The heat from the cream with melt the rest of the chip bits. (I like to think that it also cooks the egg a little bit, but that's probably not true. Like I said above, this recipe has raw eggs, so be careful!)

4. When the cream is completely incorporated into the chip mixture, and it looks smooth. Transfer the mixture to a gallon sized plastic bag. I like to place the bag in a bowl and open the zipper around the edge of the bowl for easy pouring.

5. Seal the bag and put aside. Repeat the steps with the dark chocolate now. I always do the white chocolate first so that I don't have to wash the mixer in between flavors since a little bit of white chocolate blends better with the dark then vice verse.

6. (Or 1b). Mix 1 cup dark chocolate chips, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon vanilla in a food processor.

Until it looks like this:

7. (Or 3b) Pour the remaining hot cream into the food processor while mixing the chip mixture. This should melt the chips, and make the mixture smooth.

8. (Or 4b) Once the mixture is smooth and the chips are melted, transfer the mixture into a plastic bag as I demonstrated above.

9. Seal both bags and put the bowl containing both bags of mousse into the refrigerator overnight or for at least 5 hours.

10. After chilling overnight, you could be done, and just squeeze mousse straight from the bag directly into your mouth (believe me, you'll want to!), but I like to fluff my mousse up a little bit before eating it. Soooo... Spoon the cold mousse into an upright mixer with wisk attached. Beat the mouse on high for 3-5 minutes until it's light and fluffy. The white chocolate will look a lot like whipped cream.

11. Spoon the mousse back into a gallon ziploc bag, and repeat with the dark chocolate.

12. Spoon the dark chocolate mousse into a bag as well. Clip the tips of the bag, pipe into a cute dish and enjoy!

Here's the short version:

For white chocolate mousse:
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 cup hot heavy whipping cream
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla

For dark chocolate mousse:
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 cup hot heavy whipping cream
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla

1. Mix chips, egg, and vanilla together in a food processor.

2. Slow mix in the hot cream until chips are melted. 

3. Transfer mixture to a ziploc bag. Chill over night.

4. Squeeze chilled mixture into your mouth. OR Transfer mixture to a stand mixer and beat until light and fluffy.


Day 271 -- Lovely LA

When: Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Where: Studio, dog park

On the way home from taking Bucket to the dog park, we caught one of the most amazing LA sunsets. We just had to jump out of the car and take a few snaps. Seeing the sun going down behind the mountains reminded me  how lucky we are to live in Los Angeles and to see moments like this.

It feels like the summer is finally here to stay. Denim shorts and a light button down top tied at the waist was an ideal studio day outfit, and worked perfectly at the dog park. You never want to wear your best duds to get slobbered on!

Shirt: Forever 21 | Shorts: Gap | Shoes: Madden Girl via Marshall's | Sunglasses: Raybans

Day 270 -- Rip Off

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When:  Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Where: Studio

The only person I usually see during the course of my average day, is Alex. But that's no reason to slip into sweats and look like a slob. On days when I'm in a rush, or don't feel like "dressing up," I always reach for jeans. Although jeans and a white tee is a classic combo, it's a bit too simple for me.

Pairing a bright, blousey, jersey top with a punchy pair of flats ups the ante on a simple jeans look. I ripped of this outfit from myself to create this look. When a combination works, don't be afraid to rock it twice!

Top: Ric Ric via Anthropologie | Jeans: Rich and Skinny via Marshall's | Shoes: Gap

Day 269 -- Timeless

Monday, May 27, 2013

When:  Monday, May 27th, 2013

Where: Studio

How on earth did I forget that I even had this top? With the peplum trend still on a high right now, I don't understand why I wasn't wearing this thing at least bi-weekly. The last time I wore it was years ago! What is wrong with me?! (Also, note that I basically wore this exact outfit back in 2010. Proof that trends always recycle. Or that when this year without shopping is over, I really need to get myself some new digs!)

Even though it was memorial day and most of LA was out galavanting on their sailboats and whatnot, I was in my studio trying to get some work done before the work week kicked in. Also, I just discovered that five seasons Say Yes to the Dress is available on Netflix and Alex was out with a friend. I'll just leave that right there...

Top: Seeing Stars via Urban Outfitters | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Keds for Gap

Day 268 -- County Flair

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When: Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Where: Quiet day at home, walk to the fair with Bucket

It was one of those hot early-summer days, one of those perfect days for an old fashioned fair. Luckily for me, a county fair was taking place just a short walk down my street. I threw on my next best LWD and walked Bucket down to see the ferris wheel.

Too bad he was afraid of everything! I kept my cool in a gauzey white dress, polka dot flats to match my black and white theme, and pops of bright coral. What a perfect summer outfit for a perfect almost summer day. 

Dress: Forever 21 | Belt: Alice and Olivia | Shoes: Restricted via TJ Maxx | Bag: Kate Spade

Day 267 -- All Mixed Up

Saturday, May 25, 2013

When: Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Where: The Bootleg Theatre for a Stornoway concert

I got all gussied up to take a trip to Westlake for a fun little concert in a hipster environment. I'm really starting to get tired of everything in my closet, so I decided to do a little fashion mcgyvering to create this look. I layered this floaty cocktail dress over a sheer black collared shirt to create an illusion neckline.

This little bow necklace that I got while working at AB was just hipster enough for the night. It gives the impression of a bowtie when the chain is tucked under the collar. I may have stood out a bit in stilettos that night, but these days, I don't get much of a chance to wear heels, so I jumped at the chance.

Dress: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Dolce Vita via Wasteland | Necklace: Alexis Bittar

Day 266 -- On Repeat

Friday, May 24, 2013

When: Friday, May 24th, 2013

Where: Studio.

I was at a loss for outfit choices when it finally came time to get out the door and walk the dog. I was feeling a little glum and tired and didn't want to put too much effort into dressing, so I retreated to this outfit

Wearing all jersey from head to toe is a surefire way to get your cozy on. And after a venti non-fat seven pump chai, you're sure to feel perky and awake.

Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply via Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Sparkle and Fade via Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Raybans via Rue La La
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