I Met You Once, In A Dream

Monday, January 31, 2011
Be sure to watch Evan Puschak's beautiful film here:

These are some of my favorite screen captures of the film.

Be sure to click on the photos to see them full size.

Behind the Scenes

A slew of iPhone photos from my experience with I Met You Once, In A Dream.

Laying out the patterns for the leading lady's velvet dress.

Painting a pair of men's trousers with iridescent acrylic for a little sparkle factor.

Buttons. Why not? I love buttons.

Working on a corset made from a shower curtain.

And then my scissors fought back.

Photos from set:
Not sure what this contraption is called, but it sure looks cool right?

The leads: Steven Lee and SerahRose Roth talk to director Evan Puschak.

Patricia sports the shower curtain corset I suffered so dearly for and James rocks a custom satin suit.

The leading lady in all her glory.

The extras having fun in front of the camera...

And relaxing between takes.

Thesis Collection

I'm going to let you guys in on a big secret here. Here are the illustrations to my senior collection.

In Technicolor

Here's some more portfolio plates I worked on for Degree Project last semester.

Check out this menswear collection I illustrated based on the menswear look I created Junior year.

A women's ready-to-wear collection based on the work of design team Proenza Schouler and Alaskan culture:

Envious Moon

So, Outfits of School went down in a blaze of glory with this amazing post. But? I've got juicy new stuff for you! And? It's going to be awesome.

Here's an assignment I worked on last semester for Degree Project. We were asked to illustrate a 6-piece collection based off of one of the "elements." We could choose from Earth, Moon, Water, or Fire. Guess what I chose?

The idea was to use the tones of a city nightscape, fur (think wolf howling at the moon), and colorblocking to break up the body for this maternity collection.
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