Bridal Begins!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

... And ends a week from today!

In typical Annika style, I was over ambitions AND indecisive.

I decided to do two dresses in two weeks.

For anyone who is not super familiar with the bridal industry, one does not make two dresses in two weeks. One does not make one dress in two weeks. Usually, bridal gowns are created carefully and painstakingly over the course of months and even years. It takes weeks to alter a wedding gown, let alone construct it from scratch.

That being said, I'm doing this. This is what I call "Dress One." I'm going for a rustic/edgy look fit for a fall wedding in the Pacific Northwest. Think pretty, crunchy, yoga-freak.

The fabric is a "cafe-au-lait" colored silk charmeuse. I'm also using some fancy lace care of my big sis Lindsey and a little cool silver-y belting I found in Colorado with my "other" sister, Maija. This one goes out to you, SisterFriends!

Please note that these photos are preliminary! Almost nothing is sewn, so I'd be surprised if the final product turned out as drapy and soft as this.

Wish me luck!


  1. ..... this is gorgeous. You would look so beautiful in this. Does this make me a crunchy hippy, too?

  2. ahem ahem. i am not the "other" sister -- that's you!

    also, I can't help but notice that the pacific northwest is home of i sense some inspiration?




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