Fashion Show Photos

Thursday, May 20, 2010
As photos from Wednesday night's Sophomore/Junior MassArt Fashion Show -- Fabrication --surface, I'll be posting them here.

This is Morgan wearing my swimwear design. (She's 14, and a giraffe. Jealous.)

This is Forrest. He, thankfully, filled in to model my menswear design when my model failed to show. I think it made the outfit better.

Here's LaToya wearing my womenswear design. She was such a great model and she dressed herself. Made my job so easy.

Here's my evening dress. Thanks be to Julia for filling in when other models get sick. She's beautiful.


  1. Magnificent of course! If I could swim I'd wear that suit - but then hey! I could lounge about some Hollywood pool. If I were a guy that outfit would be the answer (and by the way that model is THE answer), and if I had an evening to wear evening wear that's what I'd wear. I CAN use that coat, scarf, etc. because yes rain is predicted all week in our sunny California.

    Congrats on another fab. year and on to the Senior Collection. Looking forward to another year of being WOWED.

  2. The looks were great in person, and these photos are terrific as well! I was blown away by how good the menswear looked walking down the runway and I may have to commission a copy of that anorak for the fall. Congrats on another successful year!



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