Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Today I had my final review for my Junior year.

Look at me! I'm wearing a dress made out of the same MariMekko Fabric as my eveningwear.

Here's me and my friend Meg. Twinzies! Right?

Look at these beautiful girls! Here's the rundown, from left to right.

Tailored Coat and White Leather Dress: Modeled by Nicole. The board liked the jacket, especially the piping and fit. They didn't like the dress -- thought it was too "spring" because of the white color.

Costume: Modeled by Arian. Like, not love. My profs didn't like the fit of the leather pantie -- but how do you make a leather pantie fit? Tell me now. They liked the City Glass on the corset and the ruffles, but didn't dig the "sleeves." The Dean of my department said she looked like a Chorus Girl. Ouch.

Me: Just trying to be cute among all those amazon women. I felt short. (Side note: Sondra -- the Dean -- loved my dress. She was really impressed that the fabric was from Crate & Barrel.)

The Evening Dress: Modeled by Meg. She's adorable. This was a hit. Finally! The board seemed to enjoy the fabric and beading a lot, but thought the black was too dark. Too d. late now!

Bridal: Modeled by Alicia. They. Were. Not. Pleased. This one hurt my ego a little but because I've come to adore this dress! They said it looked like the model belted her nightgown and that the back looked like a droopy diaper.


  1. lol your department is filled with brilliant bastards. They're usually right, even if they say it in the most annoying ways.

    On the bridal dress -- let's be honest, if you'd been modeling it, it would have been a-WHOLE-nother story. There's nothing wrong with your model, but that dress totally fits ~you~ to a T (or should I say to an "a.?").

    Wow... that's a lot of punctuation.

    Zeriously tho, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hidden in your chagrin filled reflections on constructive criticism is a ton of well earned praise -- those items are bombtacular and you know it (and apparently so did your department). And they haven't even seen the other stuff you just made for fun this year (like the wedding dress that wowed some tough customers two weekends ago). OMGz! You rocked it hard. Glad I took you out for a celebratory DRANK last night -- couldn't have been a better occasion. Freedom in 4 days? Yes. Can't wait!

  2. oh gurl! You look the best of all! Congrats on another productive and spectacular year!



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