They say she is much distract...

Friday, April 2, 2010
I woke up yesterday ready to finish one or both of the wedding dresses that I had already started, but then I found myself on The Kristen Stewart Fashion Blog. It was very distracting! After spending hours soaking up the glory that is that blog, I started a third wedding dress.

It's white leather, tight, and has an exposed zipper. I think it's very Kristen. I love it!

I wonder if the blogger at Kristen Stewart Fashion would approve? Check out her blog at


  1. I'm really honoured, this looks fabulous. White leather? Please i'm drooling. I hope you send me pictures when it's done!

  2. Makes you want to get married - again. It's so very very very!

  3. it's lub. good work. what is the lining at the top of the dress? something blackish in color...?


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